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The Wines of Texas

The past two decades have been a time of incredible growth for the Texas wine industry. Currently, Texas wine is enjoying a resurgence in quality and reputation. Many Texans don't even realize that our tradition of winemaking predates California's. Our state has more native species of grapes than any other region on earth.

Wine production in the state surged from 14,000 gallons in 1979 to a high of 1.7 million gallons in 1997. Today, Texas is the country's fifth-leading wine-producing state in the nation and is home to more than 54 wineries that produce over one million gallons of wine. It is expected that production will exceed two million gallons within the next five years. 

"Stay-cations" and "Vino-tourism"

More than half of the wineries in Texas are in the Hill Country. The climate and soil of the Texas Hill Country is ideal for raising grapes which produce excellent vintages. In addition, Texas wines are coming of age on a world scale and entering into the international market. 

Fredericksburg, TX has evolved as "ground zero" of the exciting Hill Country wine region. Several operators offer guided and self-guided tours of the area wineries.  Area tasting rooms are reporting brisk sales and often offer live music on weekends. 

It has been cited that the Texas Hill Country is visited by over five million people annually.  The Fredericksburg TX area alone can easily document over two million visitors annually. In fact, the Hill Country Wine Trail has been identified as the 2nd most popular wine trail in the united States (after, of course, the Napa area)
With the increasing traffic and reputation of the area, the Hill Country surrounding Fredericksburg Texas can easily support more growers and quality fruit production from new and established vineyards. Please call or email for information on available vineyard properties and wineries in the Texas Hill Country. Let me discuss with you why the Hill Country is the best place for growing quality fruit and is gaining a reputation for quality wine-making and "vino-tourism".

Wineries, Cellars, Vineyards, Tasting Rooms & Education

Several area vineyards have banded together to promote the newly founded "Fredericksburg Wine Road 290" to showcase the popular destinations easily reached on U.S. Highway 290 in and around Fredericksburg, TX.  The growing list of popular area wine destinations include:  Grape Creek Vineyards, Becker Vineyards, Pedernales Cellars, Sister Creek Vineyards, Torre di Pietra, Woodrose Winery, Fredericksburg Winery, Bell MountainChisholm Trail Winery and Texas Hills Vineyard 

The popularity and accessibility of Fredericksburg TX is, in part, responsible for the tremendous growth of the wine industry in the Hill Country.  Notable institutions and public agencies have noted this phenomenon and have added to the areas' reputation as "wine-central" by offering classes, "grape camps" and wine grape-growers workshops.  In June of 2007, Government and University researchers established the Texas Pierce's Disease Research and Extension Program facility in Fredericksburg, cementing our reputation as he heart of the Texas wine industry.

Come and see for yourself why the area has become so popular and is poised to explode even further as more and more tourists are drawn to the area and more growers, makers and tasting rooms move in to capitalize on this growth.

Getting Started

If your interest in establishing a winery, vineyards or other wine-related business has been piqued enough to have you searching for area information, you don't need me selling you on the virtues of the area.  Our natural beauty, established tourism, the three American Viticulture Areas and proximity to major population centers has done that job for me!

My job is to find you the ideal property to purchase (or lease) for your operation.  Your expertise is wine, mine is real estate. Together we can locate a property that is ideally suited for your investment goals.

If you haven't already discovered these resources for those interested in establishing operations in Texas, feel free to browse them at your leisure and call me when you are ready to talk "real estate!  

The Texas Winegrape Network is a comprehensive information resource for grape-growers and wine makers.

Growing Grapes in the Texas Hill Country

The Texas Wine Grape Guide

TDA’s Starting a Vineyard in Texas – A Guide for Prospective Growers Created in conjunction with our university partners and industry friends, this guide will give interested growers a basic industry overview including factors to consider, popular varieties to plant, educational resources, Pierce’s Disease (PD) alerts and tips for getting started. 



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