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Real Estate is "Going Green"

Unless you have been living under a rock (very "green" by the way) you have heard an almost unending stream of references to the terms "green", "eco-friendly", "sustainable" and other terms coined to imply that the purchase or use of certain products or practices are less harmful to our environment.  Rubicon Real Estate Services places a major emphasis on informing both buyers and sellers that "going green" can provide financial rewards as well...MORE

Green Building, Remodeling, Buying and Selling 

Green building refers to design and construction practices that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of buildings on the environment and building occupants.  Green buildings provide healthy environments for homeowners, use energy and water efficiently and minimize the impact to the environment...MORE   

All You Ever Wanted to Know about "GOING GREEN" 

This section will provide buyers and sellers of property in the Fredericksburg, TX area connections to a wealth of resources from which you can learn how to "be more green"...MORE



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